AAPL 15m RVOL Reversal

34.50% strategy
10.90% buy&hold
39% percentage
of winning trades
2.63 reward to
risk ratio
0.48% average
position return
-12.50% drawdown

A long strategy created by TrendSpider on TrendSpider. Tested at Deep (7,000 candles) of AAPL, 15 min.

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Chart type the strategy tested at: Bars. Market data: regular session. Trade by: open. Backtest results as of .

Entry Conditions

All of the following: # RVOL Entry
  15min Relative Volume (20, SMA, 1) > 3
  15min Chart(close) < 15min Exponential Moving Average (8, 0, close)

Exit Conditions

Stop Loss Exit if lost more than 1.5% (after candle closes).
Take Profit Exit if gained more than 5% (after candle closes).
Trailing Stop Trailing stop at 2% (after candle closes).